Vampire hunting

20 enero 2008

Llevaba tiempo queriendo escribir una reseña en el blog. También le debo de hace tiempo writings a Edith, mi profesora de inglés… La unión perfecta. (Prometo escribir las reseñas por separado y en español tras los exámenes =__=). Creo que son más de 250 palabras… cuando me la corrijan, edito XDD. Y sí, como la niña se ha vuelto monotema, la reseña es de Crepúsculo y de Lestat el vampiro.


     When I was a child, I read all the vampire books of Angela Sommer-Bodenburg. On the last months, after a year’s hiatus on vampire novels, a new one kept my attention. The vampire mania had commenced again.

Who is the guilty on this occasion?

     In one hand, the Stephenie Meyer’s best-seller in 2007, Twilight and, in the other, one of the classics of the genre, Anne Rice’s The vampire Lestat, the second book of The vampire chronicles.

     As you can imagine, there are obvious similarities between them, as the vampire myth with the clichéd blood-drinking or a plot full of immortal characters. Moreover, both authors commence their novels in the middle and have the narrator as a protagonist, gripping the reader until the end of the book.

  However, the myth is treated in different ways depending on the author. While Rice keeps a darker atmosphere in her story with coffins, daylight phobia and conversions with blood-trade between mortal and vampire, Meyer reinvents it with immortals in the high school or the hospital (one of them is a doctor), a diet free of human blood, a foggy town and a love story.

     Rice’s novel is more mature, her characters treat more philosophical themes. It illustrates  Lestat’s life displaying several historic clues for the reader, as the French Revolution mentions.

    But, though some predictable moments and roles as the hero always on time, Meyer’s Twilight quick narration and some unexpected changes on the plot, saves the novel from the disaster, turning it in a memorable one and catching the reader as a teenager.

     If you want a light reading with a love story on its pages and that helps you to disconnect from the real world, Twilight can be your choice, but if you are no afraid of the dark and have no fear of fat books (almost 700 pages!) that keeps you awake burning the midnight oil, Lestat is waiting for you.


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